The importance of the first impression.

When we present a new product, whatever the type, a presentation of this impact is the beginning of a good reception for customers. Showing the novelty in a pleasant and festive atmosphere is always a good way to penetrate deep into the potential consumers.

Presentation of Porsche

It does not matter what products we are presenting. Cars, watches, clothes, art collections ... Any item deserves a good reception and it is important, if you can, to do it in the space or store where it will be displayed or for sale so that customers that same day can already make contacts and even purchases of the product that we are presenting.

Cars, watches, jewelry, clothes, works of art ... Every product with a good presentation has a better reception among customers.

Thus, offering a small cocktail and / or a show with a small party is a great idea to showcase the novelties.

Fran Daurel presentation