This beautiful 30 year old party was very beautiful.

This celebration was much more than that. Fulfilling years is always beautiful and special but when we celebrate a round number such as 30 years it is always a little more. On this occasion our protagonist wanted to celebrate her anniversary with her closest friends and for this she organized her party with us on the roof of her house, a different space and very much with her style.

30th birthday

The party started soon so that from the rooftop you could watch the sunset over the city as the guests arrived. A few minutes later, the rays of sunlight gave way to the light of the decoration that the honoree had chosen for her big day and the whole table showed off in its splendor.

Romantic style
Rent for parties

The simplicity of the celebration contrasted with the carved glasses, the Augusta plate and the vintage style cutlery that merged with the rope tablecloth and walnut chairs with exquisite taste. Along with the decoration of candles and flowers chosen by A for its anniversary and the reflection of the garlands on the table, everything flowed with a good incredible energy.